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Extreme Team February Recap

Published on March 5, 2012

Another wild month of action is in the books for the Extreme Team. The story has been wins and wrecks as we’ve certainly had our share of both to start out 2012. Hattiesburg, Mississippi and West Monroe, Louisiana would be the next 2 stops on the Monster X Tour for Mac and Ballistic. After an incredibly tough week of repairs following the vicious wreck in Gonzales, the truck was back together and ready for action.

Mac staged some epic duels with Derick Anson in Heavy Hitter and Robert Parker in War Wizard over the next 2 weeks, taking a couple of wins in Ballistic and thrilling the great crowds with some awesome wheelies and crazy cyclones. Oh yeah, and rollovers…

We also want to give a call to our buddy Tommy Garst who got the chance to drive the Monster X truck in Monroe. He did a great job in his first time behind the wheel of a race truck!

Following our four weeks on the Monster X Tour, Mac had amassed 10 wins and sits third in the point standings as the tour moves on. Our next chance to put some points on the board will be in Augusta, Georgia at the end of April – we’ll look forward to it, big thanks to Danny Torgerson and the whole group for having us this year!

From there it was on to one of our favorite yearly events, the Darryl Starbird Battle of the Monster Trucks at his big auto show in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Every year, the fans turn out in droves to ride the Extreme Team ride truck and we always have a great time putting smiles on their faces.

Tulsa is always a fun event and we had the chance to help a young couple make their dream come true. She said YES!!

The racing is always great in Tulsa and this year Mac and Ballistic would once again walk away with a big win as he took down 7 great trucks to get the victory on Saturday night.

The trucks had the chance to do a couple exhibition freestyle hits over the course of the Tulsa weekend and Mac did this number in Ballistic!

While we weren’t part of the competing trucks, we did return to the Monster X Tour this past weekend with the Extreme Team ride truck as they came to Asheville, North Carolina. Mac has put on some great performances there in Ballistic over the years and a lot of the fans remembered us. They had a great time getting a ride in the Extreme Team machine, hopefully next year we can give them more rides and thrill them with the race truck too.

Extreme Team ride truck looking sharp in Asheville!

Now the team will take a couple weeks off to re-group and get Ballistic back in top shape before heading to Fort Wayne, Indiana for AMP Live Events. Stay tuned for more updates and always be watching the Schedule to see where the Extreme Team is headed next!

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Extreme Team Kicks Off 2012

Published on February 1, 2012

To say that the Extreme Team was ready to hit the road to start 2012 was quite the understatement. After last minute cancellations out of shows in Daytona Beach and North Carolina the first two weeks of the year, the team finally hit the road for Jackson, Mississippi. The Monster X Tour took over the Mississippi Coliseum for two big shows and what a crowd turned out! The place was packed both nights and tons of fans were able to take a wild ride on the Extreme Team ride truck.

Mac Plecker and Ballistic had an incredible 2011 season, racking up wins everywhere the team traveled. With great support from sponsors like Yukon, PTC, Randy’s Ring & Pinion, Schroth and Royal Purple, the team was very ready to try to replicate that success for 2012. With tough competition including War Wizard, Mac stepped up big and took 4 out of 6 wins on the weekend. Some highlights from the weekend included some big time wheelies, wild cyclones and even a great save. Check out all the action on TMB TV’s MT Unlimited!

Mac makes a great save to keep Ballistic on all fours in Jackson!

After a strong opening weekend, the tour was on to Gonzales, Louisiana for another Monster X event at the Lamar Dixon Expo Center. The team fought some mechanical issues during the Friday show but came back strong on Saturday as Mac and Ballistic swept the entire event! Things were still going good to start Sunday as Mac grabbed the wheelie win, but that would be the end of the good news from the weekend.

While racing Kevin King in Strait Jacket on the tight U-turn course, Mac was trying to play catch up and the truck didn’t quite hit the ramp square, causing one of the wildest rollovers we’ve ever seen, let alone taken ourselves. Thankfully Mac was OK but the truck is in need of serious repairs before next weekend in Hattiesburg.

The Extreme team has a lot of work to do before next week in Hattiesburg.

The team will be hard at work thrashing to get the truck back together, stay tuned for more updates from the winter tour as it continues!

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Ballistic NBA Commercial Debuts

Published on December 30, 2011

Last month the Extreme Team was very privileged to have been selected to participate in the filming of an NBA Commercial for ESPN! Mac and Ballistic drove up on a couple of cars in the commercial. In the final edit, the truck name is changed to “Shaq-tastic” and Shaquille O’Neal hops out of the truck, having just parked it on Charles Barkley’s car. Check it out!

The whole experience was great and we are very thankful to everyone with ESPN for having us. Check out a few photos from the shoot!

We’re getting ready to start 2012, hope all of our fans had a great Christmas and we wish you a Happy New Year!

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