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Extreme Team Running Full Speed Ahead Into Summer

Published on June 13, 2011

After a week to regroup at the shop following Ballistic’s domination of the Old Skool Motorsports debut event in Augusta, it was off to the next event in Sevierville, Tennessee. Again, the team would have to compete with home state hero Allen Pezo’s Predator and veteran Bennett Clark and Clydesdale. Unfortunately, small mechanical gremlins surfaced throughout the weekend, however Mac managed to impress the Tennessee fans with impressive wheel stands and high-energy runs while finishing in the top 3 in every competition on the weekend.

Coming off the strong Tennessee appearance, the bugs were ironed out for their next show at Muskogee, Oklahoma’s Thunderbird Speedway for Over The Top Motorsports. Mac and Ballistic would manage a nice wheelie in the wheelie contest despite the muddy conditions. After a close first round race with Dale Gerding in Big Dawg, Mac was brought back as fast loser against the always tough Doug Noelke in Tailgator, ultimately finishing 3rd in racing. To cap the night, Mac started freestyle strong with impressive, walking wheelies over the double-van stack. Just as Mac entered a donut, the truck shut off and wouldn’t refire. Upon further inspection, a blown motor would end the Extreme Team’s night early despite a strong start.

After a rush trip home to install an all new, bigger motor, the team ventured to a steamy Jones Motor Speedway on the outskirts of Monroe, Louisiana. Against 7 of the top independents in monster trucks, Mac managed to stay right on the heels of Monster Jam superstar Scott Hartsock in his famous Gunslinger truck, finishing the weekend with impressive, runner up finishes. Again, Mac would test the strength of the great new Yukon parts by planting the tailgate of the Ballistic truck many times and whipping the truck into some intense donuts.

In the next few weeks, the team travels to Clarksville, Tennessee for their third appearance on the Old Skool Motorsports tour. After a few weeks off, the team will then appear on the annual Larry Hatt tour in Michigan. Stay tuned to the Extreme Team site for updates regarding the Ballistic race truck and Extreme Team ride truck!

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Extreme Team/Yukon Gear & Axle a Winning Combo in Monster Trucks

Published on May 22, 2011

WILLIAMSON, GEORGIA – The Extreme Team’s Ballistic monster truck continues its tour of dominance in 2011 and has become one of the top, independently funded teams in monster trucks. Through May 2011, Mac Plecker, owner/driver of Ballistic, has competed in over 78 competitions, winning over 60% of these events with Yukon Gear and Axle parts installed!

The Ballistic monster truck’s drivetrain is based off of the Ford nine inch rear end, making the truck the only of its kind in the sport. Recently, the Extreme Team felt it was time to upgrade the strength of the truck’s axles in order to tolerate the abuse the truck encounters every show. “We knew it was time to start thinking about strengthening our axle program as we continued to push the truck harder and harder. I’ve been a gearhead all of my life and knew Yukon Gear and Axle made quality parts. We got in touch with Brian Hudson and the rest is history!” said Plecker.

Since the installation of the Yukon Gear and Axle parts, Mac and Ballistic have competed in two, high profile shows against competition including Gun Slinger and Stone Crusher (both of which make regular national TV appearances). Between both shows, Ballistic took 1st place in eight of twelve competitions (67%) and finished runner up in the remaining four competitions. “I made it a point to see if these Yukon parts would hold up to the 1,250 horsepower and 10,000 pound Ballistic truck. We launched the truck vertical and landed on the rear tires hard, put the truck into high-speed donuts, and flew around the arena. The axles held up flawlessly with every strain I put them under. I couldn’t be happier with the performance of Yukon parts and we look forward to continuing our partnership!” exclaimed Plecker following his sweep of all competitions in Augusta, Georgia.

The Extreme Team has a busy spring and summer race schedule, which takes them across a major portion of the United States. Visit www.ExtremeTeam4x4.com for a comprehensive schedule where the Ballistic monster truck will continue its tour of dominance with Yukon Gear and Axle onboard.

ABOUT EXTREME TEAM 4X4 – Mac and Liz Plecker began their monster truck career in 1993 with the construction of their monster ride truck, now called “Extreme Team”. After competing at various motorsports events with their street truck, the Plecker’s took the next step and built a monster truck specifically for rides to allow people to feel what it was like to ride in a monster truck.

After 10 years of touring the U.S. with the Extreme Team ride truck, Mac and Liz made the jump into the competition side of monster trucks and constructed the Ballistic monster truck in the summer of 2004. The team has toured with the Ballistic race truck since the fall of 2004 and continues to gain notoriety among the legends and superstars in monster trucks as one of the most feared racers and most formidable freestyle opponents. The team continues to grow and rise into the upper echelon of the sport on an independently funded budget and looks forward to many years of success to come.

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Extreme Team Nails Down Strong Month of April

Published on May 3, 2011

The Extreme Team has been on a roll since we’ve last caught up with you as Mac continues to dominate each show he competes in! We last left you in Corinth, Mississippi where Mac won a large portion of the events. The following week, the team went back to their roots and took the Extreme Team Ride Truck (affectionately deemed “Bubba”) to give rides to the fans at the Santa Rosa County Fair in Milton, Florida and then again at the Coastal Carolina Air Show in Wilmington, North Carolina. Mac and Liz love the opportunity to show fans what it’s like to ride in a real monster truck!

The team headed back to the shop to put the finishing adjustments on the Ballistic race truck, including a brand new locker and axles from Yukon Gear and Axle! The team made the short drive to Rainsville, Georgia to compete against some of the top independents in the monster truck world including Scott Hartsock’s Gunslinger and Steve Simm’s Stone Crusher and Mopar Magic. This show would prove to be a big test for the Extreme Team as none of the trucks in competition were willing to bow down. At the end of the weekend, Mac battle tested the new rear end parts and pogoed his way to two wheelie contest victories against the stellar lineup! “These Yukon parts really held up to the test! I purposely pogoed the truck vertical on the wheelie bar both nights to put a tremendous load on the parts and they held flawlessly! We can’t be happier and look forward to promote the strength of Yukon Gear and Axle’s parts in the monster truck world!” said Extreme Team’s Mac Plecker.

This past weekend, Mac and Liz were invited to compete with the monster truck world’s newest promoter: Old Skool Motorsports. “It was an honor to be contacted by Chandler and Rodney to compete at their shows.” said Plecker. “It was a cherry on top of the weekend to arrive and see both the 1988 chamion truck USA-1 with the legendary Everett Jasmer behind the wheel and our good friend Bob Chandler with Bigfoot 1 also in attendance! Old Skool Motorsports has a great vision to show the fans exactly where the sport of monster trucks started and how far it’s progressed. We look forward to running with these guys all summer long!” said Plecker. Names like Predator, Prowler, and Clydesdale would give Mac a run for his money all weekend, but it was Ballistic sweeping the entire weekend’s wheelie, racing, and freestyle competitions! These wins further solidify Mac’s tour of dominance in 2011! Be sure to check out TheMonsterBlog.com for coverage of the Augusta event on the latest episode of TMB TV’s ActionTracks.

The team will enjoy a short break to revamp the trucks and regroup before heading to their second Old Skool Motorsports show in Sevierville, TN on May 13-14. Stay tuned to the schedule page in the coming weeks for all of our summer dates. We encourage you to check out our sponsors located on the right side of the home page. Without companies like PTC Performance Torque Converters and Transmissions  and  Yukon Gear and Axle, the Extreme Team wouldn’t be operating and competing in the upper echelon of the monster truck world

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